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Date: August de 2nd 1994

Fax: 00 244 332164
TO António P. M. C. Van-Dunem
Number of pages: two (Including this)
Juridical Advisor of the Cabinet of the President of the Democratic Republic of Angola
REF.:Luanda, Democratic Republic of Angola

Dear Sir António Van-Dunem,
Honourable Colleague,

1. I hereby inform you, as well as to Carlos Feijó, the great honour you have granted us – to the representative of my constituent and to myself – by accepting the meeting we had in Lisbon.
2. I still want to thank you – something I do with all the pleasure – for the considerate and educated way in which, by your deference, the meeting took place.
3. And I couldn’t forget in particular the attention you and Carlos Feijó, that notwithstanding the distinct functions you have in the Official World allowed me to feel, during that meeting, in a comfortable position to dialogue between Colleagues.
4. Your consideration towards an old lawyer like myself has touched me deeply and made personally very grateful to you.
5. However, recalling the content of our meeting and in the absence, until today, of any answer from you to the questions that we were able to expose to you so trustingly, I ask for your permission to remind you of this matter.
6. I know that you, with your characteristic education, have already accepted to talk, by phone, in the past day of July the 25th 1994, the main executive of my constituent.
7. Notwithstanding, the matter doesn’t appear to have a quick continuation or, at least, a continuation as quick as our expectations would have thought.
8. It is obvious that I wouldn’t do the injustice of thinking that there weren’t a thousand a one reasonable reasons for this situation of (at least apparent) slowness in the development of the case.
9. However, the truth is that this pause is generating a certain discouragement and skepticism in some sectors of the superior board of my constituent more close, by temperament or by formation, to an action different from the good way of the patient negotiation.
10. I allow myself to mention this certain that I won’t be misunderstood, since I only intend (within the open spirit that you and Carlos Feijó have shown us) to inform you, as men of law, of the difficulties that I, myself, as a lawyer, am feeling.
11. Therefore, and if there is any chance of sending me some answer, even if not concludent, but showing the interest that there may be in finding one solution for the case, my task would be undoubtdly less difficult than it is today.
12. This is the reason for this letter of which I allow myself to send a copy to our honourable General Consul, here in rio de Janeiro, Ismael Diogo da Silva, of whom, for his superior intelligence and brilliant diplomatic spirit, I am today a modest but sincere admirer.

I send you my very best regards, remaining
Yours Most Faithfully
A sensible admirer and grateful Colleague
(illegible signature)
José A. Assis de Almeida