To the Minister for the Domestic Affairs
Mr.Francisco Magalhães Paiva “N’Vunda”



Our Ref.: 007/016/91

Dear Sir,
At approximately a month ago, occurred in our installations sited in Rua Karl Marx-29, a crime with purposes still to be identified, of which has resulted the death of our Manager, Carolina de Fátima da Silva Francisco, wife of the signatary and partner of the Angola Legal Enterprise Astra-Serviços e Empreendimentos, Lda., as well of a guard of the State Security.
Such fact, as the Minister knows, was spread by all the mass media, having also been the reason for subterfuges on the public’s side, given the brutal way the crimes have been perpetrated (strangling, rape, torture and stabbing) right in Luanda’s downtown.
With the intervention of the Criminal Investigation Police, it was our desire that the case could be solved within the shortest delay possible, not only in order to punish the criminals of such barbarian, savage and atrocious action, but as well as to inspire inside the police the trust deserved by the population.
However, during the days that followed the crime, we have been informed of the enormous difficulties that the agents intervening in the case Investigation have ran into, which are due to technical and material problems, such as the insistently alleged lack of vehicles to proceed with the investigation works.
On the other hand, we were disappointed to see the withdrawal of the police force that was protecting our installations, contrary to what we know to be the usual procedure in similar cases, which should lead to its reinforcement, thus originating a total insecurity inside the Enterprise and of its Manager, of portuguese nationality.

Dear Minister,
We are the Southern Star, Ltd., an Enterprise under the british law, registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, represented in the Enterprises: AB ASTRA, enterprise of Swedish law and Kodak, an enterprise of American law, sited in the United States of America, to the countries members of the SADCC and associates of Astra, enterprise of French law, registered in France, ASTRA SOUTHER STAR Pty., enterprise of Botswano law and registered in the Republic of South Africa and CABARD Ltd., enterprise of British law registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
As a Foreign Enterprise that we are and having occurred the crime inside our installations, and due to the implications of moral and financial order this may reflect in the future and questioning our good name and the prestige we have been obtaining within the countries where we operate, we have the utmost interest in having solved the case in appreciation, within the shortest delay possible, as we have to calm down our associates abroad, in order not to publicise the event too much.
Therefore, we hereby request a direct support on your side in order to solve the investigations in course, as well as the reinforcement of safety measures, so that other inconveniences will no arise during the process.

Yours Sincerely

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