By the present legal instrument, I, the undersigned JOANA DOMINGOS PAULO unmarried, native of Luanda, People’s Republic of Angola, where I was born on June 16 1972, holder of passport number AO 0379726, issued in Luanda, People’s Republic of Angola, on May 21 1992, make the following statement:

In the first place, I would point out that the principal events contained in the present report, happened in the town of Luanda, during the night of February 27 1991 and the down of the next day, February 28 1991 (Fefruary twenty eight nineteen hundred and ninety one).

At the time, I was the girlfriend of Mr. VICTOR LIMA, Advisor to the President of the People’s Republic of Angola in charge of international affairs.
Moreover, I rendered services to Mr. VICTOR LIMA by taking United States dollars in bank notes from Luanda to Cafunfo and bringing diamonds back from Cafunfo to Luanda which I handed over directly to Mr. VICTOR LIMA.

By way of payment for this work, Mr VICTOR LIMA gave me some small grtuities, but Mr. Victor Lima never gave any material compensation which would have been natural and inherent in view of the enormous volume of transactions in wich I participated during the eighteen months I worked without defaulting.

On February 27 1991, between 19H and 20h, Mr. VICTOR LIMA came to pick me up at the home of my parents where I lived, to go out whit him, as was usual, in consideration of the love affair that I was having with Mr VICTOR LIMA.

We left the house which was situated in the working class area of Luanda in one of the many cars of Mr. VICTOR LIMA, a big, luxurious car ( the make of which I cannot indicate as I do not know the makes of cars) and we drove towards the ISLAND OF LUANDA where we went for a drive, as was often the case, but this time the route was different because we made a detour to the BLEU area before arriving at the ISLAND OF LUANDA.
Every thing seemed to happening like an evening between lovers, just like anyother.

At a certain moment, however, Mr. VICTOR LIMA drove towards a restaurant which was near a square called MUTAMBA, in the town of Luanda, and, consequently, not on the ISLAND OF LUANDA.

When we arrived at the door of the restaurant, Mr VICTOR LIMA hooted on his horn and I saw coming out of the restaurant Mr. VICTOR LIMA’s friends, whom I had already met on other occasions and whom I knew, though some of them only superficially.


From the moment I entered the car, I sat beside Mr. VICTOR LIMA who was driving and I stayed in this position even after the said friends of Mr. VICTOR LIMA arrived from within the restaurant, for the four above mentioned gentlemen set themselves on the back seat of the car.
Even when these four gentlmen entered the car, I did not have the slightest idea of what was going to happen next.

However, according to the conversation they have exchanged between themselves, once that the friends of Mr. VICTOR LIMA were settled in the car ( they were talking amongst themselves and never spoke to me), it seemed to me that they were talking normally. I onli noticed that they referred unfavorably to Angolan people that were working to the white race; a situation the men in the car protested against vehemently. On this subject, they said for example, ” we’ll eliminate this black girl who is working with the whites”, and other things along the same lines.

When the four above mentioned men who were the friends of Mr. VICTOR LIMA entered the car, Mr. VICTOR LIMA carried on driving along his way with the car, and soon after wards, we arrived at the house where the very serious occrrences whiich are related in the present document, happened.

This house is situated on the corner of the street, it is a big house, within enclosed land and the two roads which border it are on a slope.
At that time, I did not no the name of these roads and I did not know the house; later I learnt that the said house was the registered offices of a company belonging to and managed by foreigners and that it was situated at the corner of the Karl Marx road and the Americo Boavida road.
When we arrived at the house, we all got out of the car; I noticed that there wae a guard surveying the house and I saw that the guard hastened to open the gate as soon as he saw Mr. KIPAKASSA.

We entered the property in this way.

Thus Mr. VICTOR LIMA told me to go up the few steps leading to the house and to knock at the front door, which I did, because Mr. VICTOR LIMA asked me to do so, and that I was used to obeying him and also becaude I did not see anything unusual about this.

When I knocked, a woman’s voice answered and immediately afterwards the person who had spoken opened the door.

Once the door was open, Mr. VICTOR LIMA and the other men (who before the door had been opened were standing a little to one side of the doorway) showed themselves to the person who opened the door from the inside of the house, and we all went inside the house.

I had never seen before the said house, nor the woman who opened the door to us who was very beautiful and elegant. Later on I learned that this was D. CAROLINA or “D. CAROL”.

Once inside the house, the woman asked us all to sit down; we were in a large entrance hall and there was sofas and I myself sat down, but the men said that they did not wish to sit down, but that they wished to speak to D. CAROLINA in private.

Then “D.CAROL” pointed to another room beside the entrance hall where we were already and all the men followed D. CAROL into the other room, while I stayed alone in the entrance hall.

D. CAROLINA offered drinks to the men and also to myself; she served me with a fizzy drink. I saw her taking wine into the roomwhere she returned to the men.

A short time afterwards, I heard loud voices; this shouting came from the lounge where D.CAROL was in the company of the men who had come with me; as their voices overlapped, I could not distinguish the voice of those who were speaking.

All of a sudden, I heard D. CAROL scream as though she was terrified.

The cries were of someone in distress.

I understood something very serious was happening and I was very freightened.

I tried to escape and I ran to the front door which I opened.

Seeing me open the door of the house, the guard who opened the door, forced me brutally, to go back inside the house immediately.

So I went back in the entrance hall and I was absolutely terrified.

To my mind, judging by the screems of the women, the men were strongly beating her up.

However, as, from the place were I was ( the entrance hall), it was easy for me to see what was going on in the next room where D. CAROL was still screaming, I went discreetly to see what was going on.

I then I saw the woman lying on her back, with her stomach exposed, totally undressed, and Mr. KIPAKASSA, without his trousers, lying on top of the woman, raping her.

In the same way, I then saw the woman raped successively in the following order, by Messrs. BRAVO DA ROSA, DANIEL DE CASTRO, INOCENCIO and VICTOR LIMA.

The woman was sreeming a lot, although sometimes her screams were smothered by the men who were covering her mouth so that they would not hear her screams too much.

At the same time as they raped her, the men – or rather certain of them – insulted the woman calling her “prostitute”, “tramp” and other names of the kind.

At a given moment, when Mr. VICTOR LIMA was raping the woman, I realized that she was no longer crying; I told myself that D.CAROL must have fainted, after having suffered so much.

However, when they have finished raping the woman, Mr. VICTOR LIMA sat on her chest ( the woman was still lying on the ground on her back, ths with her stomach exposed) and he forcefully twisted her neck, with the obvious intention of killing her.

This took place in the presence and with the approval of the other men, namely: Messrs. KIPAKASSA, BRAVO DA ROSA, DANIEL DE CASTRO and INOCENCIO. Everything took place in the lounge next to the entrace hall of the house, which the men entered on arrival, when they told the woman that they wanted to speak to her in private.

After the murder perpetrated by Mr. VICTOR LIMA, all present slipped a dress onto the woman.

As far as I am concerned, I was absolutely terrified and I was not able to stop myself from crying all the time these occurrences were taking place.

Furthermore, I saw everything from the entrance hall where I was leaning against a wall, – only watching – without going into the lounge where the woman and the men were and where everything happened; also, I did not try to stop what was happening because the men would not have paid any attention to me and that, if I had wanted to interfere, they would certainly have turned me into a victim.

Once the murder of D. CAROL had been committed, Mr. KIPAKASSA came into the room where I was (the entrance hall) and with one gesture, ordered me to follow him, which I did, absolutely petrified.

Mr. KIPAKASSA then lead me outside the house by a different door from which we entered.

Then we left the house, leaving by the main gate by which we entered and we waited in the street, next to Mr. VICTOR LIMA’s car.

Mr. INOCENCIO came to join Mr. KIPAKASSA and myself; we waited a very long time next to the car, until the other men, Messrs. VICTOR LIMA, BRAVO DA ROSA and DANIEL DE CASTRO arrrived.

While we, Messrs. KIPAKASSA, INOCENCIO and myself were waiting beside Mr. VICTOR LIMA’s car, Mr. KIPAKASSA shouted to me very brutally that if I did not keep absolutely secret what had just happened, they would do the same to me as what they had just done to D. CAROLINA.

And when, after a long time, the other men arrived, Mr. VICTOR LIMA shouted to me in the same way.

When we left the house where they raped and murdered D. CAROL, the above named men, took me home, which, as I have already stated, was the house where I was living whit my parents.

During the return ride, the men did not speak much; only insisted harshly on the fact that I should not speak to anyone about what had taken place.

When leaving the house where D. CAROL had been killed, I did not see the guard who on Mr. KIPAKASSA’s instructions had opened the main gate; I only saw blood spread in the outside corridor of the building; later I learned that this guard had also been killed the same night and I di not know in what circumstances.

When I returned to my parents house, I was not able to sleep, because I was deeply distressed bu the brutality of the occurrences I had witnessed, and, very early, at dawn, I escaped to take refuge at the home of a friend.

Further to this, fearing that Mr. VICTOR LIMA or by one of the men quoted in the present declaration would catch me, I left for Portugal. I returned to Luanda much later, still hiding from the above mentioned men.

I no longer wish to be the friend of Mr. VICTOR LIMA whom I never saw again.

However, due to the fear I experience in ANGOLA, at least while the men quoted in my declaration live there, I left for Brasil where I arrived a few days ago. I am in transit until I leave for another country which will not be Angola, even though Angola is my own country and I would have preferred to live there.

As regards the theft which took place in the said house on the night of the crime, all I can say is that, when for the first time, from the door, I cast an eye into the room where I saw Mr. KIPAKASSA raping the woman, I noticed that the door to the safe in there was open.

I also noticed that once the murder had been commited, Whem Messrs. VICTOR LIMA, DANIEL DE CASTRO and BRAVO DA ROSA arrived at the car of Mr. VICTOR LIMA where I, with Messrs KIPAKASSA and INOCENCIO was waiting for them, the three men were carrying several parcels, including suitcases which they placed in the boot of the car.

Established in Rio de Janeiro, November 4 1993

We have taken knowledge of the present document signed by D. JOANA DOMINGOS PAULO, the contents of which, as this woman states, correspond exactly to the true occurrences, as they happened. It is also our responsability to declare that the present statement corresponds exactly to what D. JOANA DOMINGOS PAULO referred to in LUANDA at the beginning of the month of March 19991 concerning the same occurrences.