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Record of the meeting held on May the 17th 1994, in the General Consulate of the Democratic Republic of Angola, in Rio de Janeiro, between the General Consul, Dr.Ismael Diogo da Silva and the signatary.
In time: this text was elaborated in order to give notice to the Southern Star Ltd. of the content of the meeting here described, according to the laws in force this text can not be used to any other purpose.

1. The General Consul explained that a new date was still to be designated so that the person that was charged by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Angola could take care of the questions placed in the previous correspondence of the signatary offices, António Van-Dunem, could come to Rio.
2. This was due to, explained the General Consul, the different things and trips in which the mentioned Dr.Van Dunem was involved.
3. However, the General Consul explained that he was now in contact with his Government in order to obtain, as soon as possible, the scheduling of a new date.
4. The signatary explained the urgency that there was in the resolution of the case.
5. In reality, due to the contacts made between the General Consul and the signatary, the Southern Star Ltd. had decided to suspend all the civic and mobilization of the international public opinion actions which it had planned and has ready to be put forth.
6. But it isn’t reasonable to expect that the Southern Star Ltd. will wait indefinitely for the beginning of the mentioned negotiations.
7. Therefore, the signatary has asked for a greater diligence from the General Consul viewing the most early start of the mentioned negotiations.
8. The General Consul said to understand the situation and stressed his purpose of communicating with his Government about this point.
9. The General Consul, in view of the not too generic way as, according to what he said, the previous correspondence of the signatary was written, he has still shown some interest in having an idea of the problems that in concrete would be object of the negotiations.
10.Then the signatary has explained that it dealt with serious criminal acts, committed inside the territory of Angola, outside the war field.
11.That in the practice of those acts were involved, according to proves in the possession of the Southern Star Ltd., highly representative people in the Government of the Democratic Republic of Angola.
12.That those crimes weren’t being investigated, and the Souther Star Ltd. was supposing that reason for that was exactly the fact connected to the involvement, in the mentioned crimes, of people very close to the Government of the Democratic Republic of Angola.
13.That the Southern Star Ltd., most seriously affected by such acts, wished a guarantee of a serious investigation, and of a fair trial, both in the criminal and in the civil plan.
14.The General Consul said that although with some reserves resulting from the fact of ignoring the facts now in question, he could advance that the Democratic Republic of Angola is a State of Law and that if there was anything to be corrected, it would be corrected.
15.The General Consul also said that he would reestablish the contacts with his Government in view of the quick start of the negotiations.
16. The General Consul still said that he would contact the signatary again as soon as he had news from the date of the coming to Tio of Dr.António Van-Dunem.

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José A. Assis de Almeida