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FRANCISCA DA COSTA GUILHERME, from Angola, married, resident in Av.Sidónio Pais, nº4, apartment 505, in Lisbon, Portugal, exposes and requests to you what follows:
1. The petitioner is married to FERNANDO JOSÉ ANTÓNIO NETO, born in Angola, civil servant in angola, of whom she has three daughters, all minor, with ages from seven to ten years old.
2. During some time the petitioner, her Husband and Daughters, have lived in this city of Rio de Janeiro.
3. So, when they lived here, in the Bairro do Leme, it happened that her Husband disappeared.
4. This occurred on February the 21st of the current year of 1994.
5. In effect, on this date of February the 21st 1994, at the end of day the Husband of the petitioner went out of the couple residence, accompanied by a Cousin named José, so that they could do both some exercise, which is usually done, and walking on the beach.
6. For this reason the Husband of the petitioner was wearing, at the time, simply a pair of shorts and some light clothing, the same occurring with the Cousin José.
7. However, unfortunately the Husband of the petitioner didn’t appeared any more nor she had any news from him.
8. Given the time passed after that day of February the 21st 1994 without knowing anything of her Husband, the petitioner informs you of these facts so that you can do the necessary investigations in order to enlighten this case, what she respectively requests.
a) copy of the report that the petitioner has done about the case to Carlos Ramos Dias, portuguese, resident in Lisbon, dated from March de 24th 1994.
b) copy of the passport of the petitioner’s Husband.
c) copy of the passport of the petitioner.
d)power of attorney on behalf of the signatary lawyer.

(illegible signature)
José A. Assis de Almeida