I, Fernando José António Neto, employee of the previous Ministry for the State Safety (MINSE) and of the National Department of Informations (DNCI) since 1983 and, at present, with the charge and patent of inspector of the secret services of informations (INFO) of the Ministry for the Domestic Affairs of Angola (MINT),
Declaring myself and non-partidary of the police dictatorship that rules that entity since the pro-communist time and the atrocities committed (crimes organized by heads of this entity, robberies, murders, political and military persecutions, gangs formation, etc…) which has been verified since my entrance, so many cases so chocking, specifically like the one occurred on February the 28th 1991, where the victim was the young citizen from Angola, Carolina de Fátima da Silva Francisco.
I, Fernando J. A. Neto, having knowledge of the facts and acting as a “sleeping agent” (knowing of what had been planned without acting) and revealing the facts occurred to the society of lawyers Assis de Almeida, sited in Avenida Rio Branco, nr.10 – 21º, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
I hereby declare to this society, at my request and interest, that it can act against the above mentioned entities (MINT and INFO) in case of my physical disappearance here, in Brazil, Angola or anywhere in the world.

Rio, December the 6th 1993

Fernando José António Neto