A citizen of Angola was killed yesterday, at dawn, by strangling, by unknown elements who have broken inside the residency and office of “Kodak Film”, in Luanda.

Carolina de Fátima da Silva Francisco, 22 years old, lived there and assumed the management of “Kodak Film”, during the absence of its owner, who arrived yesterday morning to Luanda, coming, according to relatives of the victim, from Lisbon.

The police authorities when contacted by ANGOP on the site have admitted that there is an hypothesis of the victim having been raped, a fact which can only be determined after medical examination.

According to the police report, the housebreakers, before strangling the victim, have seriously wounded with a white weapon the guard who was at the entrance of the building.

At this moment, the wounded is under medical care, while the judiciary police proceeds to the investigation.

According to the first police conclusions, the housebreakers have reached the office through the ceiling of that enterprise sited closed to the Provincial Commissioner’s Office of Luanda, at approximately 100 meters from the Embassy of Côte d’Ivoire.

Up till now, the police hasn’t reached to any conclusion in what concerns the identity of the photographic enterprise’s owner, due to his nervous state.