To the

General Commander of the Police
Vice-Minister for the Domestic Affairs



Our Reference: 007/106/91

Dear Sir,

At approximately five months ago, we have send to the Minister for the Domestic Affairs, a letter which we enclose, and for which we request your attention in what concerns its content.
Today and through the present, it is our intention to request your permission to report some facts and events concerning this most serious case, and mainly the anguish, despair and disparagement, both of the enterprise as of the signatary of the present one.
The letter enclosed had as a result the intervention of the National Director for the Criminal Investigation, Commander José Manuel, in this case.
Among other aspects, serious facts occurred during the first thirty days after this barbarian case which have immediately been solved by the Commander José Manuel. I.e.: constant incorrections on some police collaborators side; misstatements and leaks of information, namely in what concerns the declarations made by the Signatary to an Attorney in the DNIC site; use of vehicles of the enterprise on the police elements side, saying that the “Police” had no means whatsoever; constant demands for products or articles that the Enterprise commercializes; and etc …
We are highly grateful to the professional and subtle way through which the Commander José Manuel as solved these cases, but not only that. We are equally grateful to the Commander Oliveira Santos.

Please allow us to also request you, insistently, to do whatever necessary not to leave this case unpunished, and to grant us the minimum safety means, which may allow us to find once again the necessary peace to proceed with our work.
We thank you for your time.
Best regards.