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Record of the meeting held on June the 26h 1994, in the Salão Galeão of the Hotel Holiday In, in Lisbon, between, on one side, António Pereira Mendes Campos Van-Dunem and Carlos Feijó and, on the other side, Carlos Ramos Dias, accompanied by his lawyer José A. Assis de Almeida.
In time: this text was elaborated in order to give notice to the Southern Star Ltd. of the content of the meeting here described, according to the laws in force this text can not be used to any other purpose.

1. Opening the session, Assis de Almeida as greeted the representatives of the Democratic Republic of Angola and has send his greetings to the President of the Democratic Republic of Angola.
2. Next he said that after seven months after the letter that, on behalf and interest of his constituent Southern Star, he had addressed to the President of the Democratic Republic of Angola, and also after several months after the contact that, by initiative of this illustrious diplomate, he had with the General Consul of the Democratic Republic of Angola in Rio de Janeiro, he awaited with great confidence for the definition of the Democratic Republic of Angola concerning the serious problems that were being questioned.
3. Then, Van-Dunem said that he himself and Carlos Feijó had received instructions from the President of the Democratic Republic of Angola to deal with this matter.
4. Van-Dunem also said that the President of the Democratic Republic of Angola feels that if there are any criminal problems to be solved they must be solved.
5. However, Van-Dunem has safeguarded that in the Democratic Republic of Angola, the Judiciary Power is independent and that, in any way the interest of the President of the Republic for this case would also depend on the proves could be presented by the Southern Star.
6. Assis de Almeida, on behalf of the Southern Star, said on his turn, that has those directly involved in the case were people highly placed in the State of Angola hierarchy, there had always been the greatest concern in the presentation of any proves or elements concerning the case to the President of the Democratic Republic of Angola.
7.That had been the reason, and only that, for the Southern Star had intended to contact directly the President of the Democratic Republic of Angola.
8. Assis de Almeida also said that in view of the prestige that Van-Dunem and Carlos Feijó precisely have and in view of the trust they deserve on the Southern Star side, his constituent, here represented by its President, Carlos Dias, had no doubt whatsoever that they, Van-Dunem and Carlos Feijó, were the right interlocutors for this meeting.
9. Therefore, also stressed Assis de Almeida, there would immediately be shown to Van-Dunem and Carlos Feijó some of the evidences already collected.
10. Then Van-Dunem has recalled, directly addressing to Carlos Dias, that one exposition that he Carlos Dias had given to him, Van-Dunem, concerning this case, addressed to mrs.Ana Paula Santos, had followed its normal steps thus having Carlos Dias received the respective answer.
11. Carlos Dias said, on its turn, that he confirmed what Van-Dunem just finished saying.
12. He still said that he reinforced, on his behalf and on behalf of Southern Star, his entire trust in Van-Dunem and Carlos Feijó as trusty interlocutors for this meeting as, for what he just had heard, they were undeniably commissioned for it by the President of the Democratic Republic of Angola.
13. Then, Assis de Almeida started speaking and said that as the works had arrived to this point and being duly authorized by Carlos Dias, he would show some of the proves which he considered to be important, connected with the case in appreciation.
14. And, with the consent of those present, he started reading the following documents:
14.1. Note of the meeting held in the office of Assis de Almeida Advogados, Sociedade Civil Profissional, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, on August the 26th 1993.
14.2. Note of the meeting held in the same office, on September the 15th 1993.
14.3. Declaration subscribed by Joana Domingos Paulo, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, on November the 4th 1993.
15. Next and by suggestion of Carlos Dias, Assis de Almeida passed the documents he had finished reading to the hands of Van-Dunem and Carlos Feijó so that these gentlemen, on their turn, could read them personally and directly.
16. After a moment where Van-Dunem and Carlos Feijó ended reading the documents personally, each of them, passed these documents. Assis de Almeida mentioned that, with the express support of Carlos Dias, that the Southern Star would have the pleasure of giving to Van-Dunem and Carlos Feijó, copies of the mentioned documents being immediately agreed that Assis de Almeida, on the following day, June the 27th 1994, would send copies to Van-Dunem, in this very hotel, at 8 am, what was done.
17. Next, Assis de Almeida mentioned that the matter was essentially criminal although it also involved other aspects.
18. Thus, he said, that after the murders and in view of the abnormal way as the regulations of the process (at least according to what appeared to be) occurred, those responsible for the conduction of the activities of Southern Star saw themselves unabled, for justified personal safety reasons, to stay in Angola.
19. And he has stressed that this fact has caused to Southern Star and, personally, to their heads, enormous losses both in business in general and in important urbanistic enterprises in Cabinda, just in what concerns this enterprise the damages already suffered, and only by the Southern Star, were estimated in USD 700.00,00 (seven hundred thousand north-american dollars).
20. Van-Dunem said, on his turn, that the President of the Democratic Republic of Angola had shown his interest in knowing what had happened in what concerned those crimes, the eventual civil repairs should fall into the hands of the alleged responsibles for this crimes.
21. In reply to this, Assis de Almeida has shown his best understanding for this position of the President of the Democratic Republic of Angola explaining that, however, notwithstanding all the understanding, and respect deserved by this stand of the President of the Republic, the Southern Star expected that, in a more profound examination of the facts as they have occurred, namely in their non-penal repercussions, it can be verified a different focusing for the aspect of the huge damages suffered by someone like the Southern Star and their heads that had worked so much in order to develop the Land of Angola.
22. Van-Dunem has asked next if the people mentioned in the documents could be found.
23. Assis de Almeida, with the agreement of Carlos Dias, explained that yes although one of them, that wasn’t Joana Domingos Paulo, had recently mysteriously disappeared in Brazil.
24. Assis de Almeida also said, with the agreement of Carlos Dias, that meanwhile already had disappeared two people with good knowledges of the criminal facts.
25. However, others were still untouchable, some of them in european countries and, it can be said, protected against any criminal actions that can occur against them.
26. Finally, it was agreed that new contacts would take place between the parties in order to try to find a good solution for this case.
27. Therefore, Van-Dunem said that through the General Consul of Angola in Rio de Janeiro he would give news, hoping to be soon, to Assis de Almeida.
28. Van-Dunem still said that he knew this case since the beginning through the communications that Carlos Dias had published in Luanda, by the time the facts occurred.

Enclosed: the documents mentioned in nr.14.1 to 14.3.
Lisbon, June the 27th 1994
(illegible Signature)
José A. Assis de Almeida