The Minister for the Domestic Affair Santana André “Petroff”, published yesterday a communication concerning the murder of the citizen Carolina de Fátima Francisco. Here the content of the communication:
“At relatively little time and coming from outside the country, the Government of Angola was informed of a news, proportionated by certain people connected with a crime of voluntary murder occurred in Luanda on February 1991, expecting through this to question the transparency through which the process has been conducted by the Police Authorities.
Through the mentioned news, invested of extreme gravity, as it wasn’t confirmed by the competent authorities, it is intended to obtain patrimonial advantages of high amount and others not confirmed, through the attempt of involvement of people connected with the process.
In fact, in the end of February of ninety nineteen one, occurred in the city of Luanda a crime of voluntary murder, perpetrated against the citizen of Angola that was called Carolina de Fátima da Silva Francisco.
Such fact, communicated hours after its occurrence to the Municipal Command of the Police of Ingombota, competent both in substance and in the territory, has generated the process nr. 2.451/91, which has been evolving in the Investigation Direction of the Provincial Command of the Police of Luanda, an entity dependent of the General Command of the Police of the Ministry for the Domestic affairs.
Notwithstanding the persistent investigation diligences which have been taken, it wasn’t possible until now to determine the authorship of the crime.
As it is inscribed in the Provincial Direction of Criminal Investigation of Luanda, and under nr. 2 of Article nr. 4 of the Decree-Law nr. 35007/45 of October the 20th, it has been constituted as assistant in the records in course Isabel Fernanda da Silva, mother of the unfortunate Carolina, considered juridically sole legitime part in the processual juridical relation.
Due to this unfortunate situation, the competent entities of the Government haven’t denied their obligation to receive and hear the relatives and friends of the victim, to whom have been given all the explanations requested concerning the evolution of the criminal proceeding.
The Government of Angola is noteworthy for its justice and will never refuse its legal obligation of doing everything possible in order to find the authors of the crime and put them at the competent courts disposition, being the police authorities available to receive any informations whatsoever which may contribute to the solution of such horrendous crime.