1. In informing you of the very serious occurrences detailed below, my aim is to help to ensure that the Angolan people can improve the conditions of their lives through condemnation of the members of the current Angolan government who practice the crimes of racism, corruption, rape, torture and murder.
2. I was a foreign investor in Angola, and I had to leave the country owing to the very serious occurrences detailed below.
2.1. I built and restored buildings in Luanda and Lobito and a tourism and residential complex in Cabinda.

2.2. I set up and was involved in activities in the fields of health, tourism, trade, light industry, and so on.
2.3. I trained countless Angolan executives in Angola and abroad.
3. The events which occurred are as follows:
3.1. On 28 February 1991 the crimes of robbery, racism, torture, rape and murder were committed at the premises of my head office in Luanda.
3.2. My friend and partner, Carolina de Fátima da Silva Francisco, of Angolan nationality, was tortured, raped and murdered. The same fate was suffered by a guard who was on duty
3.3. That crime was actually planned over a long period of time by:
– Commandant José Maria – Head of the Presidents Military Staff – Fernando da Piedade Nando – Deputy Minister of the Interior – Kundi Paihama – Minister of State Security – José de Castro Van Dunem Loy – Minister of Foreign Affairs.
3.4. The perpetrators of the crime were:
– Daniel de Castro – Major KipaKassa – Major Inocêncio – Severino Bravo da Rosa and;- Victor Lima alias Victor Manuel Rita da Fonseca Lima, Diplomatic Advisor to the President of the Republic of Angola, who in addition to torturing and raping CAROLINA, suffocated her and broke her neck.
Appended – items of evidence no 1.

4.1. In connection with my investment in the Cabinda complex, a number of invoices payable by the Cabinda government are outstanding, although the transfer orders were authorized, signed and issued by the then Governor Mr Augusto da Silva Tomás, now Minister of Finance.
Appended – items of evidence no 2. ( not appended )
4.2. A case is currently before the Portuguese courts against the Angolan State to order it to pay the outstanding sums – pecuniary liability.

4.3. A further case is also currently before the Portuguese courts against the participants in the aforementioned robbery.
5. None of the lawyers whom I contacted dared to take out legal proceedings in Angola against the perpetrators of the robbery and murder, nor against the Angolan State in relation to its pecuniary liability detailed in 4.2. Furthermore, for obvious reasons I myself cannot go to Angola to defend my rights.
6. I have written dozens of letters to the following Angolan entities, giving them the names of the perpetrators of the crimes and informing them of the facts:
– President of the Republic José Eduardo dos Santos – Mrs Ana Paula dos Santos – First Lady – Joana Lina – O.M.A. Chairperson – Santana André Petroff – Minister of the Interior – José Patrício – Ambassador – Rui Mingas – Ambassador.

7. In Portugal I have had contacts with the following Angolan entities, giving them the names of the perpetrators of the crimes and informing them of the facts:
– Venâncio de Moura – Foreign Minister – Augusto da Silva Tomás – Minister of Finance – Carlos Feijó – Cabinet Secretary – Dumilde Rangel – Trade Minister – António Van Dunem – Legal Advisor to the President of the Republic – Carlos MacMahon – Member of Parliament and Journalist – Diógenes Boavida – Mace Bearer.
8. Having learned of these facts, perhaps you might weigh up the matter before taking any decision to help or co-operate, that might benefit the genuine criminals and swindlers who make up the Angolan government.
9. Perhaps you can also ensure:

9.1. That justice is done to atone for the aforementioned rape and murders, with genuine punishment of all of the criminals involved.
9.2. That compensation of equal value is provided for the material damage caused.
10. I regard all of the above Angolan entities parties to the crimes, not only because they have hidden them, but also because they have prevented justice from being done.

I thank you in advance for your consideration in reading this document.

Yours sincerely,
Carlos Dias.
Apartado 2603
1116 Lisboa Codex
Lisbon, Portugal.