In the Ministry for the State Security, today Ministry for the Domestic Affairs, in the Department of Informations has been received formal order to the surveillance and control of Carolina de Fátima da Silva Francisco.
As this lady kept direct contacts due to her work with individuals of white race, the argument that has been forged to be given that order was that she passed informations with political-military character to the Government of South Africa.
The one to give that order to the Ministry of Security was José Maria, although without real basis to give it.
The reason for the order lies in the fact that José Maria had interest in having romantic relations with Carolina and he has been rejected, has it had already happened with others.
José Maria was the Head of Security of the President of the Republic’s Cabinet and the National Director of CIG (Contra Inteligência Geral – General Counter-Intelligence).
The order in question was given by José Maria to Mr.Laborim that was the Head of the Department called Group of Action.
On his side, mr.Laborim has charged Comboio, Amândio Sebastião Mendes, Zé Maria and others, not important to this case, to fulfil the order.
Comboio, Amândio Sebastião Mendes and Zé Maria were known as rebellious elements and has having been expelled from the Ministry but they acted under the orders of José Maria.
José Maria, Kipakassa, Pedro de Castro Van-Dunnen-Loy, Laborim, Victor Lima, Daniel de Castro e Bravo da Rosa were close friends and all of them had already tried to flirt with Carolina de Fátima da Silva Francisco, with love proposals, and all of them had been rejected.

(Signatures of: Fernando José António Neto
Francisca da Costa Guilherme)

Kipakassa was responsible for the surveillance and safety of all the foreign enterprises working in Angola.
As a result of what has been said hereinabove, it was the rejection to the romantic proposals that determined the order of José Maria, as well as the planning and execution of the death of Carolina and the guard.
According to Joaninha da Costa Guilherme, girlfriend of Victor Lima (who was part of the group o friends of Kipakassa) on that night of February the 28th 1991 were present inside the residence of Carolina Major Inocêncio, Daniel de Castro and Bravo da Rosa, having the last one arrived from Paris that morning.
By order of Kipakassa one of the Guards didn’t go to work that night and that very same Kipakassa arrived early accompanied by the already described elements as Comboio, Amândio and Zé Maria to physically eliminate the other Guard who had already conquered the sympathy and trust of Carolina.
According to Joaninha, she, Joaninha, was used to make Carolina open the door at approximately 9 pm and the men, Victor de Lima, Inocêncio, Daniel de Castro, Bravo da Rosa were hidden and after the door had been opened they entered inside the residence.
The mentioned Joaninha says that she ignored the purposes of the same elements and after that she was threaten of death if she ever told that to someone.
No harm was made to her due to the fact that on that very day, at 7 pm, she was invited and fetched by Victor Lima at her house, where she lived with her parents, meaning that her family knew that she had gone out with her boyfriend Victor Lima; so they didn’t hurt her.
After that scene she never wanted to date Victor Lima again and went to Portugal with previous notice.
(Signatures of : Fernando José António Neto
Francisca da Costa Guilherme)
The facts occurred inside the house may be confirmed and related by Joaninha present during the act.
Still according to Joaninha, Victor Lima, Inocêncio, Daniel de Castro and Bravo da Rosa, raped Carolina and being Victor Lima the one who killed her after that.
During the account of the case, Joaninha didn’t said directly (nor was it asked to her) if Kipakassa also was inside the house but through that account, Joaninha pointed out that other men were inside the house of Carolina.

September the 15th 1993
(Signatures of: Fernando José António Neto
Francisca da Costa Guilherme)